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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tropical Storm Barbara

Tropical storm Barbara is strengthening of the coast today and has the possibility to becoming a hurricane as it makes it's way to the coast later this afternoon or evening.

It is a fairly slow moving storm but seems to be strengthening.

Stay tuned for more information.

Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 ITU Huatulco World Cup Triathlon

The 2013 ITU Huatulco World Cup Triathlon kicks off Saturday in Santa Cruz.

This is the fifth edition and the second since they changed the date to May.  And, just like clock work the weather gods are beginning to deliver a strong hit of humidity as the coastline begins to transition into the rainy season.

I'm sweating right now just thinking about the suffering that will be going on after they transition from the swim to the bike.  As usual, the athletes will be tackling the "killer hill" on their bikes, and it will no doubt leave a few of the athletes begging for mercy!

I will be there, camera in tow, to catch all the action as the pros dual it out on Sunday.  It's an 8:00am start for the ladies, and 10:45 for the men.

If you in Huatulco bring your sunscreen, lots of water, and a big hat to stay as comfortable as possible.

See you there!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blues on the Beach with David Rotundo

Today's Post comes from Dan Thompson 

Hello Everybody: Join us for the final Nuevo Amanecer “Blues on the Beach” party of 2013 with David Rotundo.

We’ll be at the beautiful Latitude 15 beach club on Chahue Bay at 8PM on February 25 to enjoy this great blues harpist and his band.  People are still talking about his show last year!

Donations are 250 pesos in advance, 300 at the door.

I know there’s a lot going on in February, but what the heck, were in Huatulco!!

Pass the word and let your friends know.

See you there!  Regards, Dan

As always, all proceeds from the concert will benefit Un Nuevo Amanecer, a nonprofit organization located in La Crucecita  that assists children with special needs.

Other events in February include the Amigos de la Musica concert on the 20th.   Let’s support all of these events.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Un Nuevo Amanecer Concert - February 4th

Hello Everybody:  Most of those who were in Huatulco last January and February and had a chance to attend the Nuevo Amanecer concerts agreed that they were the music events of the year.

Get ready to raise the roof again.  Mark Monday, February 4 on your calendar for an evening of cold beer and great music, and all for a good cause.   All proceeds from the concert will benefit Un Nuevo Amanecer, a nonprofit organization located in La Crucecita  that assists children with developmental problems.

The organizers of the Puerto Escondido Blues Festival have made arrangements to share with us their headline act for that week.  Thank you Billy!  Join us at the beautiful Latitude 15 beach club on Chahue Bay at 8PM on February 4 to enjoy the hard rocking guitarist Neil Chapman; the raw, soulful voice and emotive guitar skills of Chris Caddell; and one of Canada’s best blues harp players,  Paul Reddick. 

Tickets will be 250 pesos in advance and 300 at the door and  150 pesos for students and teachers. Tickets will be available at:

Café Juanita
Resort Real Estate Services
Palm Properties

Our promotion will be primarily through word of mouth.  Please help us by forwarding this to your contact list.  If you would like to assist with ticket sales, please let me know.


Dan Thompson

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Black Vulture

While not one of the prettiest looking birds in Huatulco, the Black Vulture is a very common sight.

It's range extends from the southwest United State all the way down the Chile in South America.  And although it's rather large with a wing span of nearly 5 feet, it is not the largest of vultures.  It's black plummage and characteristic hooked beak is easily discernible.

This scavenger will feed on pretty much anything and you can see it circling the skies looking for food with its keen eye sight.

Careful not to fall asleep while your tanning on the may find a flock of these circling overhead!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sunset Over Huatulco

I caught this amazing sunset on December 26th over the Huatulco was a great way to end a day out on the water!

Happy New Year to everyone and we hope that 2013 is filled with your own beautiful sunsets!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Beautiful Beaches of Huatulco - Playa Riscalillo

This beautiful beach can only be reached by boat so if you are heading there, bring your cooler full of goodies!

It's a pleasant boat ride from the marina in Santa Cruz, and you will pass by numerous other isolated and deserted beaches on your way to Playa Riscalillo.  It's a quaint beach in a beautiful little bay with turquoise blue waters and pleasant snorkelling.  There is a significant protected reef area that has been roped off to protect it from some of the boats that frequent this bay.

At times, you may be the only one on this beach but, depending on the day you may encounter a few larger boats that bring tourists here for a couple of hours to experience this paradise.

None the less, Playa Riscalillo is a beautiful beach and should be on your list of beautiful beaches of Huatulco.