Huatulco Life was inspired by people with a passion for Huatulco and the Mexican lifestyle. It is a place to find out more information about the region and enjoy the beauty of the Oaxacan coastline through the photo gallery. From time to time, other interesting tidbits about Mexico make their way into the pages of this blog. Enjoy!

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Salvador Lopez Toledo was born in Ixtepec, Oaxaca approximately 120km to the east of Huatulco.  Salvador is the former Director of Evaluation and Strategic Planning of Tourism in Mexico and has been living and conducting business in Huatulco for the last 20 years.  Together with his wife Eme, they own and operate Cafe Huatulco providing some of the finest coffee in Mexico with beans directly from their plantation. Salvador is currently based in Mazatlan as the Special Tourism Projects Director for the state of Sinaloa.

Susan James is originally from Santa Rosa, California has lived on the Pacific Coast of Mexico for the last 19 years.  Susan has a wealth of experience living and working in Mexico as an ex-patriot.  She continues to work in the United States as a successful business coach and  Chief of Operations for Consulting Alliance, Inc. Susan is the Director of The Yoga Studio Mexico which is a center for snowbirds and locals to meet and practice yoga. Susan knows what it takes to thrive and be joyous in Mexico.  She currently lives in Huatulco with her husband Richard. and

Sue McClam is from South Carolina and when not in the United States, Sue spends a a great deal of the winter months in Huatulco where she teaches her language courses.  She has a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish, and has recently retired after 22 years of teaching at Columbia College in South Carolina.  When Sue is not busy teaching Spanish in Huatulco, she is often seen riding her bicycle with her husband Robbie, exploring all that Huatulco has to offer.  If you are looking to increase you Spanish skills you may contact sue through her website: