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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Simple Things

Remember when there were no iPhones, laptops, PDAs, Skype, 60" inch TV's, fax machines, beepers, text messaging, 24 hour gyms, 24 hour supermarkets, 24 hour bank machines, Blue-Ray disc players or internet?  It wasn't that long ago really.

What about when an eight hour work day really meant eight hours, and not 12? Or, when the concept of work/life balance wasn't even a concept yet? 

This kind of reminds me of my last trip this weekend to Mazunte, about an hour to the west of Huatulco.  There we were, sitting in a beach side bar with a palapa roof, the hippies were out selling their necklaces, the locals selling their wares as well.

There were no loud all-inclusive hotel fiestas, whistles blowing as the tourists pounded tequila, or the sound of buses going by carrying another load of spring breakers to the next watering hole.  The only sounds that could be heard were the birds chirping, the waves lapping against the golden sand, and the occasional rustling of the palm trees as the prevailing winds blew through the beach side bar.

If you are thinking that the only thing this car is missing is a surfboard on top...sorry, I missed the shot!  He already removed it and was last seen heading out into the waves.

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