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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Day on the Water

I am embarrassed to say that it had been almost a year since I was on a boat.

I'm here to say that it won't be that long again.  To be out on the water for a day visiting many of the secluded beaches, fishing, and just generally relaxing, is to say that it recharges the mind.

Our day started as it usually does on Sunday...slow!  Once we finally extracted ourselves from bed, managed to slap together a little breakfast, and then collected our things, it was 11:00am, but we were off to the marina.

We met up with our friend Bruno who arranged for a small boat and driver, just the two of us.  Our goal was to visit each and every beach between the bay of Santa Cruz, and the most westerly of the Huatulco beaches, San Agustin.

The water was calm, with only a slight hint of a breeze, perfect conditions to say the least.  As we slowly ticked off beach after beach, we came upon a small, secluded cove with powdery golden sand...we had arrived at Playa Riscalillo.  Who says the waters aren't turquoise, the bays aren't calm, and the sand as powdery as the caribbean?  Not me, that's for sure.  I have just found my new favorite beach.  And since the only way to get there is by boat, this beach is not in any danger of over-crowding.  Our visit didn't last nearly long enough, and we found ourselves back on the boat and heading back towards Santa Cruz again. 

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As we headed back, we pushed a little farther out from the coast in search of whales, dolphins, turtles, and anything else we could find.  We didn't have to wait long before we spotted the first of several pods of dolphins.  They toyed with us as we speed along, lasting for a few minutes and then they were gone.  No sooner had they disappeared, then we spotted manta rays jumping out of the water as if trying to take to the skies.

Like any good fishing story, there is always the one that got away.  And while I was not fishing at the time, I blew a perfectly good close up shot of a Golfino Turtle mere feet away from the boat as my "point and shoot" camera decided to grow a brain of it's own. 

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While we didn't see any whales on this day, this trip reminded me of the abundance of wildlife we have down here.  On any given day you are sure to see something interesting on both land and water.

I'm ready to head out again...

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  1. Sounds wonderful, wish I was down there experiencing it! I've always wanted to see manta rays flying out of the water!