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Friday, May 13, 2011

Huatulco Striving To Go Carbon Neutral

For those of you who managed to catch my blog from yesterday about Huatulco receiving the Earth Check Gold Certification, today's post is a follow up to that story...that article has mysteriously disappeared from the system!

Huatulco's Green Team continues to push forward with impressive initiatives when it comes to the environment. 

The Huatulco Carbon Neutral program is an ambitious task with the main goal to contribute to the mitigation of global warming by neutralizing emissions of all economic activities of the area while strengthening the touristic sustainability of the community through local programs.

In 2010, the Huatulco Green Team sponsored the calculation of the environmental footprint of the Bays of Huatulco, together with the Australian environment specialist company Green My Room, and in junction with FONATUR and the private sector, in order to determine the carbon emissions released yearly into the atmosphere as a result of all the tourist, travel, economic, and complementary activities. 

Of interest from this study, 100% of Huatulco's electricity is "clean" as it is supplied by the wind from the wind electricity plant at La Ventosa in the Isthmus.  Together with the low levels of fossil energy use, this places the energy emissions indicator at 61% above best practice.  While waste generation, at less than 500gr daily per capita is considerably below the national and global average, and is 7% above best practice.

The immediate goal for the Huatulco Carbon Neutral program is to obtain the "Low Carbon Zone" designation by Green My Room, while the long term goal is to receive the final designation of "Carbon Free Zone".

Finally, from June 1-3, 2011 at the Barceló Hotel in Huatulco, the committee from Earth Check will be hosting a conference of 200 key personnel regarding environmental issues and future Earth Check initiatives.

This is very exciting news indeed, and great to see a real commitment when it comes to matters of  the environment in Huatulco.

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