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Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer in Huatulco - Part 2

While it may be true that there are only two seasons in and hotter, there are many other changes that signal that summer is here.

As the clouds roll off the Sierra Madre del Sur and slowly creep towards the Oaxacan coastline, they bring with them, abundant amounts of moisture.  And it is this rain that completely transforms the coastal regions of the state.   The vegetation goes from sticks and twigs to a complete jungle.

As we roll into the month of May, the humidity slowly begins to rise and the once barren landscape begins to transform into a sea of colors.  Take the Flamboyan tree pictured at left.  For most of the year, it looks like any other tree, until it springs to life with its bright orange flowers.  Once you see these orange flowers appear you know that it's not long until the first of the summer rains fall.

Next, is the yellow flowering tree called the Primavera.  Just as quickly as the Flamboyan establishes itself, the Primavera comes to life and adds another layer to the canopy.   From here, we have either received the first of the rains or will soon be receiving it...more or less.

As of today, it has really only rained three times, but as you can see by the last photo, in seven days those twigs turn into to a vibrant green jungle.  And while we are only seven days in, it is amazing to see how the landscape continues to transform itself month after month...getting more lush and greener.

I see those clouds rolling in again...

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