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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Architectural Styles of Mexico

Photo: Delamora

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Architecture in Mexico is one of the most important parts of this rich culture and the wide variety of styles can be seen in the interiors and exteriors of buildings & homes throughout the country. Many use natural, artistic and historical materials with rich and colorful brilliance. From haciendas to columns to palapas...the focus of design is on textures and materials, including wood, metal, leather, paper, fiber, tiles, ceramics, silver, and stonework.

And due to it's vast history, Mexican style celebrates variety and beauty, easily mixing cultures, heritage and natural influences. The houses of Mexico combine the heritage of the Toltecs and Mayas with that of the French and Spanish. Furthermore, the land itself is a strong influence with different styles of architectures seen in all the regions of Mexico due to varying climates and landscapes, from seashore to desert to jungle to mountaintop.

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