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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Week After the Day of the Dead

By now, the Day of the Dead has long since come and gone.  Had I been reflecting this past week on the events of that evening?  Not really, just a little busy these days.

We spent another evening in Santa Maria Huatulco for the Day of the Dead.  This was my third one, and it seemed a little different this time around.  While it is always a very interesting evening, I could have gone without the guy on the loudspeaker announcing that he had cold cervezas in his tin cooler...kind of killed the mood a little.

For the most part, the evening seemed familiar to last year as we strolled down the candle light, cobbled street towards the cemetary.  Although I must admit, things certainly seemed a little more polished than last year.  Perhaps, an increase in tourists spurred what appeared to be a more organized  presentation.  What was really noticeable were the three large flood lights positioned inside the cemetary gates...and in actuality this probably helped everyone navigate the maze of gravestones that lay before them. Safety first!

Once inside the gates, the spectacle that is the Day of the Dead becomes readily apparent.  Families and friends carry loads of marrigold flowers, food, drinks, and other gifts to present to those that have passed on.  It is an evening of remembrance, respect, and a celebration of the friends and families of the past.   It is great to see that such a day exists...and, that those who were so important in our lives have not been forgotten, and are celebrated in full at least once a year.

If you have never experienced this event, make sure you plan your next trip around the Day of the Dead.

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