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Friday, December 9, 2011

Beautiful Beaches of Huatulco

One of the great things about Huatulco is its geography...the imposing Sierra Madre del Sur provides a spectacular backdrop to the 9 bays of Huatulco.  What makes the geography interesting is that the mountains literally fall into the Pacific Ocean thereby creating the abundance of secluded bays.   Most of the information you will find online or in print indicates that there are 36 beaches within those 9 bays.  Well, in fact, we have identified 46 beaches that all have names!
One of the principal beaches of Huatulco is Playa Santa Cruz.  This beach is located in one of the main tourist sections of Huatulco and it is where the cruise ships arrive as they make their stop in Huatulco.  And because it is one of the main beaches that is fully serviced by restaurants, you can also imagine that it is one of the busiest.  It is a beautiful beach with incredibly fine sand, flanked on both sides by steep slopes, this tranquil bay is a great spot for swimming, sea kayaking and other water sports.

Playa Santa Cruz is also the host beach for the ITU World Cup Triathlon as its calm waters are perfect for the swimming leg of the race.  This is a beautiful spot in the evenings to take in the view of the bay and enjoy a nice dinner. 

We hope to introduce you to all of Huatulco's 46 beaches in the coming months...stay tuned for more blogs.

Enjoy the weekend!

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