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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

El Alquimista

Picture a hidden Pacific coast paradise with cabañas that have views of the sea.  The thatched roofs blowing in the trade winds while you lay in your hammock.  You have now arrived at El Alquimista.

Nestled on the west end of Playa Zipolite, El Alquimista is a little of the beaten path, but not much.  Keep your eyes peeled for their sign as it can be easy to miss.  Once you arrive at their secluded location tucked between a rocky point to the west and another rocky headland on the east, you will definitely feel like you have finally found paradise.

And what you will find is a selection of cabañas and a beachfront restaurant...this place has to have one of the most relaxing atmospheres anywhere.  Its protected and secluded location keeps the masses at bay, and is a good place for wading into the ocean, although it can be a little rough at times when the surf is up, be careful with the currents.  If you forget your bathing suit don't worry, Playa Zipolite is known for its nude sun bathing...gawkers not welcome!

The food at the restaurant is as good as the view!  A selection of pastas, seafood, salads, pizzas and other items have incredible flavor and it is worth going there for lunch or dinner regardless if you are spending the evening there or not.  Sit near the bar under the palapa, or move onto the beach and enjoy the tables and front row views of the surfers.  The cool lounge music playing in the background will have you slouching in your chair as you get a little more comfortable. 

I have not personally stayed here yet, but am plotting the days when I can.  A couple of days here to recharge the batteries would be just perfect.  While I believe they offer Wi-FI, don't forget your book just in case the signal goes's been known to happen down here occasionally ;-)

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