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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Huatulco Archaeological Park Featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine

The Copalita Eco-Archaeological Park has just received a new write up in Landscape Architecture Magazine!  Certainly, for those of us down here, this is exciting news.  The park itself is still in its infancy but the potential, and the master plan is impressive indeed. 

This excerpt is from the January 2012 edition of Landscape Architecture Magazine.

IN THE STATE OF OAXACA on Mexico's southern Pacific coast, the Copalita Eco-Archaeological Park ripples over 215 acres of lowland jungles, forested slopes, and oceanside cliffs.  This new park, actually a preserve located within the much larger Huatulco National Park, takes its name from the Copalita River, which empties into one of nine half-moon bays, or bahias, lining an idyllic coastline.  Hundreds of species are protected within this ecopreserve, from coral communities to Copaline pygmy owls.  Copalita also holds some of the country's richest active archaeological sites, which contain ruins of Zapotec and Mixtec settlements that date back 2,300 years.  These are among the few such ruins discovered on the Pacific Coast - most are in Mexico's interior - and are all the more significant for their rarity.

The full article is available on your iPad or desktop computer through Zinio (click here: or in hard copy at your favorite bookstore. 

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