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Monday, January 30, 2012

What a Party!

It was a great night this past Saturday at the Finca de Vaqueros as the David Rotundo Band put on an amazing show!

Torontonian, David Rotundo is absolutely possessed on the harmonica and seeing him live will attest to can tell he truly loves what he does.  David has performed with the likes of Jeff Healy, Ronnie Hawkins, and Elvis Costello to name a few.

This is definitely a complete band and with legendary guitarist Enrico Crivellaro on his team you know that these guys can play. In 2002, Enrico won the International Swing Guitarist of Year year award, and in 2003, was awarded the Best Italian Blues Guitarist, and finally, in 2004 he was the International Contemporary Blues Guitar Champion. 

What can I say about the show...some 300+ people turned out to a packed house, and it was standing room only.  It didn't take long for David and his band to get the crowed energized and on the dance floor.  And once he had them up, they kept going up.  The last time I've seen that many people dancing on the tables I was an 18 year old bar fly! 

And let's not forget that this was all for a great cause, Nuevo Amanecer, a non-profit organization that helps kids with physical and mental disabilities in the region. 

We hope to see David and his band in the near future!

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  1. That was the most amazing concert that we have ever been too. The entire band is electric and knows how to get audience participation. We cannot wait to see them again!!!!