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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beautiful Beaches of Huatulco - Playa Arrocito

This beautiful beach is located in the residential neighborhood of Arrocito, which means "little rice", named after the shape of the sand particles, like small grains of rice.

Even Forbes Magazine thought this was a beautiful beach as they named it one of the top 10 best beaches in Mexico.

While the location is not all that obvious there is actually a public parking area located above this beach.  From here, it's a few steps down to this lovely spot.  The feel is cozy, quaint, and generally uncrowded.  It's a nice spot for a swim or snorkel and you'll find a collection of brightly colored tropical fish here.  

The services are basic and there is a small restaurant where you can get cold drinks, basic food items, and coco frio.  

There is also a collection of mangroves here that remain green all year and host a wide assortment of tropical birds.  They blend in pretty well and can be difficult to see but, you will have no trouble hearing them squawk out their songs. 

This is a great place to bring a cooler, your lunch, and some comfy beach chairs as you won't have to trek far with all your gear...see you there!

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