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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Triathlon is in the Bag

Steamy!  It is the only way to describe the 2012 ITU Huatulco World Cup Triathlon.

The competitors were out in full force this past Sunday and what greeted them were 36 degree temperatures, high humidity, and some stiff competition. 

It was apparent as the race wore on that just finishing was going to take every ounce of determination that the racers could muster.  There was simply no way that they could cool down enough to be somewhat comfortable.  Even the water stations and hoses spraying water on them, were no battle for the May Huatulco weather.

Several racers succumbed to heat and dehydration, and one of the female competitors collapsed mere feet from the finish line.  As she staggered around the final corner towards the finish, her wobbly body could barely stand and event medics rushed to aid her.  As her body weakened and her legs trembled, the crowd looked on in concern wondering if she could possibly cross the line.  In the end, she simply could not do it.  The medics placed her on a stretcher and carried her off.

All was not grim though as the competitors vied for crucial Olympic points.  In the end, it was Flora Duffy from Bermuda who emerged as the female winner, clocking a total time of 2:13:17.  In the men's elite it was Simon De Cuyper of Belgium who emerged victorious with a time of 2:02:34.

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