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Monday, October 1, 2012


Post by Sue McClam of Huatulco Language Courses

I see you glancing at the calendar thinking about making final plans to return to Huatulco. Is it really time to go back? Is that the familiar morning chill in the air reminding you to make plans to get out before the first snow falls?

Yes, paradise awaits.  Life there has gone on without you, really it has.  As if storing up to offer you its best, trees have taken on a green so vibrant you have to stop and stare at shades you've never seen before. The flamboyant still waves an iridescent orange blossom the color only found in the box of 24 Crayolas, a red-orange you have to see to believe.   The bugambilia so overdone at its demand for attention, get just what they are looking for waving papery flowers at passersby.  Cool misty mornings give way to sultry afternoons followed by threatening clouds teasing then retreating as they accumulate precipitation to arrive at a later date.

It's October in Huatulco.  Mountains are still disgorging water down newly formed tributaries finding their way to the Copalita River Basin or down the drainage canals carrying bits of leaves and twigs to the sea to be made into fish food.  Downpours rearrange the sand along Chahue beach digging out below the steps and heaving up under the palapas.

Independence Day has now passed and the schools did their part in the celebratory parade that followed the Saturday night fair and reenactment of “El Grito”.  There winners of the declamation contest stirred the crowds to proud memories of those who fought for freedom while bands gave way to DJ’s selections whose base could be heard into the night. Every street, store and corner still displays the red, white, and green.

Life went on without you without missing a beat while you were away, but after the first crucero docked in September, Huatulco took a look at its own calendar and said we're ready -  Bienvenidos!

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