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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I survived a week in Mexico...

Welcome to day 1 of our blog.  We might as well tackle the most pressing issue in Mexico.  Here is a great article on Huatulco, written in a great style.  I think it's time we stop throwing a blanket over this country when it comes to safety, and most notably the current media stories about all of the violence associated with the drug wars.

Of course these are real issues, but it's a big country out there and not every place is being affected. Did you know that the distance from Calgary, Canada to Juarez, Mexico is approximately the same distance as Huatulco to Juarez.  Do the Canadians worry on a daily basis about their safety from what is going on at the U.S. / Mexico border...doubtful.  Well, the same goes for those of us living, wintering or retiring in Huatulco.

Things are pretty friendly down here!  Enjoy this article form The Globe & Mail.

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  1. Very interesting blog, my husband and I totally agree with everything you've said. We love Huatulco, love the people and we truly do feel welcomed and safe everytime we vacation there.

    The town of La Crucecita is a treasure, it is a very family oriented community. Love the whole atmosphere.

    Fonatur has done an amazing job of Huatulco, it is kept spotlessly clean.
    My mother and father have travelled extensively all over the world and they both said Huatulco is their favorite place. As we have said, they loved the people and the easy laid back way of life.

    Our goal is build a home in Huatulco, we've always wanted a piece of paradise and we have found it.