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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crime Statistics

Here are some telling stats about Mexico's rank within the world when it comes to crime.  Interesting considering Mexico has a population of 111 Million and is the 11th most populous nation on the planet.  Canada has a population of under 32 Million and the U.S. has a population of 308 Million which is 3 times the size of Mexico but has 8 times the crime.

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  1. Thank you Huatulco Life for finally posting the facts. My friends and relatives in the US think I am crazy because I live in Huatulco. They all believe the lies spewed on a daily basis by the US media & government.

    I have traveled around the US, Mexico, Europe, Africa & Asia and I have never felt as safe as I do here in Huatulco. Like any other country there are areas that are unsafe but it is unfair to group an entire country together and call it dangerous due to problems in just a few towns.

    Let's spread these real numbers to everyone we know so people can finally understand the truth about Mexico and experience the paradise we call home.