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Friday, March 18, 2011

We're looking for the goods...

Sorry Bonnie, I'm a tad late on this post but I think the message still pertains.

Hi Friends - if you're getting this message it is because you are either in Huatulco now or will be at some point & next Saturday the newly formed Rotaract Club - a youth off-shoot of Rotary is holding a bazaar or as we would call it a rummage or yard sale in downtown La Crucecita.  All items are welcome, gently used clothing, children's items, household goods, etc.

Those of you who travel back & forth, or if you have friends & family coming down, please ask them to bring items if they have extra luggage room, they would be much appreciated.

I know many of us want to help & this is a small way we can contribute.

These items are sold at low prices to those locals who otherwise may not be able to afford them.  The money raised goes towards community projects so it is a win/win.

Thanks for your anticipated support.  Should you have anything for this weekend's sale call Dale or I at 958-581-0616 & we'll pick it up.

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