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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring has Arrived!

Pink Trumpet Tree
Spring is here!  Albeit in a different form than the standard snow melting and greening of the trees as we see in the northern, just gets hotter!

Just like the Sakura Tree (Cherry Blossoms) of Japan, you know spring has officially arrived when you see the blooms of the Pink Trumpet Tree.

I have to admit, I'm a tad a late on this blog as the last of the flowers have fallen from the trees.  But, have a look at the photo and you can imagine how amazing this floral display is after months of dry weather.

The Pink Trumpet Tree tends to show up in regions where there is a sharp division between the dry and wet seasons.  Huatulco, and the Oaxacan coastline are the perfect places.

This is a fairly fragile flower, and as the winds tend to intensify around the same time that this tree is in bloom, they only last a week or two.

It's a fleeting time line, but sometimes you appreciate things more when you know you won't have it forever.

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  1. Yes, I love this time of the year. So do the birds, they love to eat the flowers...apparently there are some tasty buys and nectar in each blossom.