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Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking Your Sensory Records with You When You Go…

Today's guest post is from Sue McClam.

On April 30th I will return to the US.  As I mentally prepare to go, my senses record the images, smells and sounds I treasure from Huatulco.  As they flash through my mind, I make a mental note to keep them with me until I return in September…

  • Exuberant bugambilias that shamelessly enter your home unnoticed and await you on the stair reminding you to appreciate their beauty
  • Arching mango branches bending with the weight of ripening fruit
  • The pink flesh pulp of recently fallen almonds in the street
  • The ee-oo-ee (i-u-i en español) cry of the sanates as you drink your morning coffee
  • The smell of fresh tortillas on the comal at the corner outdoor kitchen becoming a business
  • The smile on the face of the guard at the navel hospital as I peddle by nodding a quick buenos dias in the morning and a buenas tardes as I return after teaching - always someone different, always the same smile
  • The scraping, rustling, shooshing sound the palm fronds make this time of year
  • The curly brown pod sculptures of the Guanacastle
  •  Biking through the thick blanket of pink blossoms that cover the ground as they claim their moment in the season
  •  Ants, ants, in search of water and sugar always. Large ants on the sidewalks in the evening busy carrying away the debris left them during the day. Tiny ants in my garbage bag getting a head start on the compost
  •  The hot dry breeze coming down off the mountain in the afternoon
  •  The occasional intrusive thumping base of the techno-pop beat next door

Ok, so maybe there is one thing I won't miss...

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