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Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Myths About Mexico

There are many myths, misconceptions, or stereotypes about Mexico.  Let's have a closer look at a few of these.

1) Don't drink the water!
While in some places drinking the tap water may be asking for digestive issues, this is not always the case.  Here in Huatulco the water is purified by the municipality and is safe for drinking.  I have personally drank tap water with no ill effects whatsoever.

2) Don't eat salads or you'll get sick
I suppose, like anywhere in the world, if the restaurant has poor kitchen practices you may be in for a case of Montezuma's Revenge.  I have had food poisoning in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  But, I eat salads down here and, in fact, the only time I felt sick was from some tacos served in a well established and clean restaurant.  So, you can never tell. When traveling anywhere in the world you can almost guarantee your body will be exposed to certain types of bacteria that it's not used to.  This is the reality of traveling.  Often an illness is blamed one on of the "food poisoning" when in fact it may not be true.

3) The chicken bus
There may be certain times when you want to travel on the cheap and, in doing so, you may have to hop onto a bus that heads to and from several rural locales, which may host an animal or two.  However, this is far less likely than people are lead to believe.  Mexico has many clean and professional bus lines for short and long haul travel that are also incredibly cheap.  These buses would not look out of place in Europe, Canada, or the U.S.  Here in Huatulco we have great bus service from the station on the west end of town.

4) Mexico is very cheap
While it is true, you can absolutely travel "on the cheap" in Mexico, not every destination has the budget traveler in mind.  High-end resorts in Mexico may be every bit as expensive as any other vacation destination in the world.  The truth is that Mexico offers a wide range of options for every traveler, from renting a hammock on the beach to 5-star, full service boutique hotels.

5) Crime is rampant and I'll have to bribe the cops
Many of the stories created by the media are greatly embelished or missing key factual information about the people involved.  Yes, there are places you would not want to go...and yes, crime exists, just like any other country. No matter where you go, use your common sense when traveling and avoid putting yourself into situations that may cause problems. Also, keep in mind, some police officers will be insulted by a bribe, so don't assume that you can always buy yourself out of a situation.

6) Don't drink mixed drinks because they have ice
False!  Many businesses have their ice trucked in from companies that produce ice from purified water.  I have never been sick from enjoying mixed drinks with ice...except for when I may have had one too many!

7) Mexico is more than just beaches
Of course one of the main reasons people travel to Mexico is for the warm weather and beaches, but there is a whole lot more to see in this country.  Visit some of the major urban centers, such as Mexico City, and you will see a metropolitan side of this country,  offering shopping, nightlife, restaurants, big business and various attractions. Furthermore, the mountains in Mexico offer whitewater rafting, hiking, zip-lining and more.

8) Spring break...
Mexico has always been associated with the "spring break" crowd, and this is definitely true in some destinations.  However, there are many great destinations that will steer you clear of the party scene, offering serene tranquility, beautiful landscapes, and authentic Mexican Huatulco, for example! 

9) You can get Burrito's everywhere
Most styles of burrito commonly eaten in the US or Canada are an American invention. The burrito, in some form,  probably originated in Mexico but has been modified for more northern palates. In fact many of the "Mexican" foods you eat probably more closely resemble northern Mexican food, brought to the Southern US...but the food in central and southern Mexico is quite different. Order a burrito in Huatulco and they won't know what you are asking for!

10) Beer always tastes better when your at the beach
Well...actually, this one is true. Salud!

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