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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Lizard Who Adopted Us

Today's post is by Renée Netzel

It was late in the morning when we first spotted him...a little brown lizard, crouching near our patio doors and trying to hide from our dog, Monte, in the curtains.  He was pretty cute and he was pretty scared as he laid there as still as possible.  I tried to coax him into moving but he was frozen in place.  I even tried feeding him little morsels of food but there was nothing that was going to make him move.  So, I finally worked up the courage to pick him up by the tail and send him on his way out the front door.  He was free!

Well, this little guy must have taken a liking to our family, and even the dog...because a half hour later he was sneaking back into our condo underneath the front door!  He was just making himself at home again when Monte spotted him...a new play toy!  And as the dog leaped with joy and gave chase the lizard quickly scurried out of the way.  In the end, of course, he was chased right back out under the door.  But, as we opened the door an hour later to take a peek, that tiny brown lizard was still hanging around.

He didn't dare come into the condo again, for fear of his life...but we still see him chillin" out and bathing in the sun on the rocks as we leave for work every day!

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